Time 12/14 19:00 - 12/14 21:30
Payment 免费活动
Address 上海市黄浦区黄陂北路227号105单元
Tag 创业 JS 沙龙


This time we are gonna have a JavaScript meetup on Dec.14th 7:00 pm at WE+ co-working space(黄陂北路227号中区广场105室,人广11号口出走两分钟到。Room 105, Central Plaza, Huangpi Bei Lu No.227, Huangpu District, 2 mins walk from People Square Exit 11). Right before Christmas, let's keep rolling in the awesome JS technologies. No matter you are a developer, student or JS beginner, let's get some beer/pizza and sit down, share the funny JS stuff with others!

12月14日(周三)晚7:00我们会在We+联合办公空间举办十二月的JS meetup,让我们再次聚集在一起分享有意思的话题吧!无论你是程序猿,学生还是JS初学者,都不是事儿。让我们坐在一起,喝着啤酒,吃着pizza,一起分享JavaScript!

We encourage everyone to share your knowledge like:
• Framework: React, Vue, Angular, Express, Loopback, Meteor, ...
• API: REST,socketIO,GraphQL, ...
• Architecture: micro services, event sourcing, message queue, ...
• Business scenario: payment, visualization, data science, ...
• Your own super awesome JavaScript libraries.
and any other awesome technology or story about JavaScript!