How To Raise Money In China In Ten Days


Time 06/15 18:45 - 06/15 20:30
Payment 免费活动
Address 上海市黄浦区淮海中路98号金钟广场5楼


THEME: How to raise money in China in 10 days

From idea to IPO - different stages of funding
How to write your Deck/What local VCs want to read
How to pitch to investors
Tips to raise money in 10 days


Chen Wang (CEO at Slush China)

Lauri Tammi (CEO at Mingle Consultation)
Mars Pouyan (Founder & CEO at GBC)
Lucas Rondez (Founder & CEO of nihao APP)
Free networking


Chen Wang
CEO at Slush China
Chen is an internationally certified coach since 2013. She has experience of coaching individuals on life purpose searching, relationship and career development topics. She has also helped organizations to improve employees' work performance and work and life balance.  Chen is a value-based entrepreneur.  She holds a master degree in engineering. She has been working in international consulting and marketing positions.

Lauri Tammi
CEO at Mingle Consultation
Lauri Tammi is a Finnish entrepreneur living in Hangzhou, China. He's the co-founder of Slush China, Finnish Business Council Hangzhou representative and the CEO of Mingle Consultation, bridging Nordic talents with Chinese markets. He's also supporting the Slush ecosystem organizations to land China. Lauri speaks fluent Finnish, English, Chinese, Swedish, French and Spanish and has cooperated with WE+ since 2016.

Mars Pouyan
Founder & CEO at GBC
Founder & CEO of Global Business Corporations (Startups Studio) in Singapore, hardworking and passionate with more than 15 years experience in international businesses and IT industry imcluding enough knowledge, experiences, and has wide view on inter-disciplinary method in his works and projects and hoping shanghai-China urge him to be a greater entrepreneur by collaborating with outstanding people, companies and communities.

Lucas Rondez
Founder & CEO of nihao APP
Founder and CEO of nihao APP, a mobile internet company based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Lucas Rondez has over fifteen years of banking working experience and two as entrepreneur in China. His most recent endeavor is founding a Hangzhou-based foreign startup incubator dubbed “nihub.” Lucas has raised more than 10million RMB for his company in China, from Chinese investors.

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please contact: lauri.virkkunen@slush.org


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