Time 11/07 12:00 - 02/07 12:00
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IPO Pang ,是一家自1990年代初期开始衔接美国企业来中国发展的高端法律顾问公司,我们不像其他的国际企业,中国是我们发展唯一的重点。我们的团队拥有经验丰富的律师,顾问,会计师和专家,他们都毕业于世界顶级大学(北美洲,欧洲和东南亚)。时间就是金钱,我们为客户可以提供一个一站式的专业、快捷的服务,协助外国投资者轻松落地中国市场,不用担心当地法律,法规和规章。与此同时,我们也帮助中国个人和企业进入北美市场。
Enterprise Introduction:
IPO Pang is an international law firm specialized in helping foreigners with their business in China, also have been in China longer than the vast majority of international law firms, and unlike many others, China is our sole focus, not just a sideline. Our team is comprised of seasoned lawyers, consultants, accountants and specialists who all graduated from world’s top universities (North America, Europe and South-East Asia) who work around the clock and who know that for our clients, time is of the essence. Our firm is proud to offer a one-stop professional services program that assists the foreign investor in entering the Chinese market and stay in the market without the worries of keeping up with all the local laws, rules and regulations. Thanks to our close-knit American network, we are also able to help Chinese individuals and companies gain access to the North American market.

Business registration, Intellectual property protection, Tax optimization, Merger and acquisitions, Outbound direct investment and etc.,

服务价格: 按项目来收费,请先留言在WE+服务平台,我们将后期进行对接
Services price:Depends, Leave the message on the platform of WE+, We will follow up.

Available Range: Shanghai,Beijing,Hangzhou,Suzhou,Qingdao



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